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Frequently Asked Questions


For over 25 years, Streamline have produced high quality true photographic prints for professional photographers and enthusiasts. Today these prints are made on our state-of-the-art ZBE printer using Kodak "Endura" materials for great colour accuracy and extreme long life.


General Information


What are your opening hours?


We are open 8:30 am to 5:00 pm.


Canvas Wrap

Canvas Block Wrap 15mm

What is your phone number?


01223 240477.


Block Mount

Block Mount 15mm

How long does printing take?


Printing takes 3 days for a print order and 5 days for mounted prints.


Photo Laminating

Satin Laminat

How much do you charge for image retouching?

Glossy Laminate

We charge £10.50 for 15 minutes . Charging is to the nearest 5 minutes.


Film Scanning


Online Orders

35mm Film
120 Film

What file format should I upload?

5x4 Film

File formats must be: Tiff (8bit colour), Jpeg (8bit colour). Flattened with no additional elements such as channels or paths.



Graphic Design

What colour profiles do you accept?

Photo Editing

Colour profiles that we accept are: Adobe 1998 (recommended), sRGB, Grayscale 2.2, and Grayscale 1.8.

Image Restoration

Do I need to size my images correctly before sending them through to print, or will you do that for me?


You do not need to size your images but it helps to know the proportion of the image.


What is the maximum size I can print?


We can print up to 30 inch by 90 inch.


After uploading files, how do I add more files to my order?


If you wish to upload more files, click on the image upload link on the top left hand side of the order page, then click on the select images button and select your additonal files to upload.


How do I apply the same paper or mounting option to all my files?


If you have uploaded several files and you want to print them all on the same paper type, or mount them all on the same material, you need to click the "select all images" button. Select the paper type, mounting, framing, etc. and then click on the "apply" button. Your selection will be applied to all the files. Then click on "next step" to continue.


My file does not view when uploaded?


If your file does not view when uploaded please check the following.
Ensure your file is tagged with a profile.
Ensure that there are none of the following illegal characters in the file name / ? < > : * | " ‘
If uploading a Tiff file, ensure that no compression is applied to the file.


Print Quality


When do I need to calibrate my monitor display?


We recommend that you calibrate you monitor regularly to get the most accurate colours when colour correcting your images.




How do I pay?


You can pay online, cash or cheque.


Is your online payment safe and easy to use?


We uses SecureTrading.

For secure, fast and reliable e-payments we integrate our ecommerce sites with SecureTrading.

SecureTrading has the most comprehensive suite of counter-fraud services available, so businesses can make correct decisions before shipping goods or allowing access to services. In addition, the company is fully PCIDSS Level 1 accredited and incorporates 2048-bit encryption, 3-D Secure and AVS Security Code into its payment processing systems. The launch of SecureTrading’s new suite of counter-fraud products, SecureTrading Identity Check and SecureTrading Card Check, makes SecureTrading’s Payment System one of the safest ways to trade online.

For further information about SecureTrading, visit their website at


What is your VAT rate?


All prices are exclusive of VAT which will be charged at the current rate.




What is your postage charge?


£2.50 for 1st class post.


What is the turnaround time for my order?


Printing takes 3 days for a print order and 5 day for mounted prints.


Do you deliver to countries outside the UK?


Yes we can deliver to countries outside of the UK but the postage charges will higher.

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